Nordic USV joins Ocean Autonomy Cluster

Nordic USV joins Ocean Autonomy Cluster

We are happy to announce that Nordic USV now becomes member of Ocean Autonomy Cluster. Nordic USV is a startup based in Bergen. Sander Henriksen is CEO and founder.

Nordic USV aims to enhance accessibility to coastal data by optimizing processes from planning to data processing. The company employs unmanned technology with the objective of achieving autonomy in both their docking stations and vessels. Emphasizing quality and transparency, they have developed, a platform enabling customers to manage data-related tasks efficiently. Their commitment to simplicity and efficiency is reflected in their pricing strategy. With a focus on user-friendliness, quality, and affordability, they strive to facilitate access to crucial data for informed decision-making.

Sander Henriksen Nordic USVSander Henriksen, Nordic USV

"Our goal is to establish a network of vessels primarily along the Norwegian coast and docking stations. This enables us to initiate, execute, and conclude missions remotely today, and autonomously in the future", Sander Henriksen says. "This is the primary reason we seek membership in OAC, to learn and contribute to coastal and maritime autonomy in a meaningful and secure manner, with tangible benefits across multiple fields. We look forward to participating in the cluster in the years ahead."

Frode Halvorsen Ocean Autonomy Cluster Foto Lars Bugge Aarset (8)Frode Halvorsen, Ocean Autonomy Cluster

"We are pleased to welcome Nordic USV as yet another exciting Norwegian USV player to our membership. We look forward to assisting them in reaching out to the market. The company is another example of a strong Norwegian USV company that will make its mark in the global market. OAC is building a national team. Therefore, it is important to involve companies from all over the country," says cluster manager Frode Halvorsen.

Nordic USV3


Nordic USV2

Interested in learning more? Feel free to get in touch

Nordic USV
Sander Henriksen, CEO and founder
+47 974 18 280
‍Thormøhlens Gate 51, 5006 Bergen, Norge 

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