Your company may be the hacker's biggest target.

Your company may be the hacker's biggest target.

Are you doing enough to close the security holes?

A survey by IBM shows that industrial and technology companies are hackers' main targets. Now Fremtidens Industri is mapping the vulnerability amongst cluster members.  

- At the same time, as many companies have increased their use of ICT, paradoxically, fewer resources are allocated to digital security. A lack of competence in digital security makes companies vulnerable to digital attackers who want to obtain attractive business-sensitive information, security advisor Aida Angell from FI explains. 

She leads the work on the survey, which will reveal the level of knowledge andAida-Refvik-Angell-FI_1-682x1024 areas for measures within digital security at the small and medium-sized companies associated with the clusters OAC, RENERGY, MIDSEC, NCE Aquatech Cluster, and Agritech Cluster. 

The purpose of the survey is to lay the foundations for a main project that will work more closely with the companies and contribute to the companies in the target group themselves developing good security strategies and measures for their company, carrying out simplified vulnerability analyses, and establishing and developing a good security culture among the employees. 

- We hope as many as possible take the time to answer this survey. The questions will provide better awareness of one's own safety culture. And then it is very important for me to emphasize that all information is treated confidentially and will only be used for statistical purposes, says Angell. 

In addition, workshops and meeting places on digital security will be arranged—more information to come. 

The survey takes approx. 10 minutes and can be answered by anyone. 

If you have questions about the preliminary project or digital security, contact Aida Angell at  


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