Ocean Autonomy Conference highlights

Ocean Autonomy Conference highlights

This year’s Ocean Autonomy Conference aimed to connect the dots between human factors, transport systems, and industry logistics to ensure a sustainable, safe, and robust future of autonomous ocean operations. 

We’ve learned how talent density increases when countries connect better, and how the public ports face new technologies and new, environmental demands.


We’ve discussed the possibilities of autonomous feeders that can enable the next level supply chain, and how innovation is done in real life by those working hands-on with both the mechanics, the customers, and the economists.


We also got perspectives on the European backdrop, with new, vulnerable logistics, uncertain global politics, and climate crisis, as well as safety issues both in automation and digitalization.


At last, we also got to draw historical lines in the Norwegian era of shipping and address the humans in an unmanned maritime future – and finally: Celebrate a big milestone as milliAmpere II was launched as the world’s first unmanned passenger ferry going into trial operations.


Thank you to everyone contributing both on stage and off stage to make the dots connect and bring new ideas into the conversations on the maritime future.

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