Kongsberg Discovery joins Ocean Autonomy Cluster

Kongsberg Discovery joins Ocean Autonomy Cluster

We are happy to announce the inclusion of Kongsberg Discovery in the Ocean Autonomy Cluster.

Kongsberg Discovery is a leading provider of sensors and systems for the entire ocean domain, from deep sea to outer space. Through deep technology backbone, the company offers high performing products, systems and services ranging from mapping of the seabed and water column, fish finding and underwater communication and positioning, via autonomous vehicles both on and below the surface to resilient navigation, communication, and situational awareness.

Sees great synergies

"Kongsberg Discovery have developed autonomous systems for more than 30 years and given our expertise, broad portfolio, and market reach, we see our contribution to Ocean Autonomy Cluster as a natural step in our commitment to protect people and planet", says Runar André Olsen. He is senior sales manager for Kongsberg Discovery.

"We want to strengthen our bonds with partners and academia, and collaborate on know-how, access to systems and test facilities. We see great synergies that can be made within the Ocean Autonomy Cluster", Olsen says.

Runar Andre olsen Kongsberg DiscoveryRunar André Olsen, senior sales manager at Kongsberg Discovery.

Significance also for our other members

"As a major industry player, Kongsberg Discovery's involvement holds significance not only for itself but also for our other members, encompassing startups and academia," states Frode Halvorsen. He is cluster manager for the Ocean Autonomy Cluster.

FrodeFrode Halvorsen, cluster manager for Ocean Autonomy Cluster

Kongsberg Discovery collaborates globally, delivering advanced products and systems. With robust technology and over 1000 skilled employees, the company adapts agilely to market dynamics. Strategically positioned in Canada, the USA, EU, and Norway, Kongsberg Discovery blends hardware design and intelligent software for unparalleled solutions, foreseeing the future of autonomous operations.

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