BESSY - The Battery Energy Storage System Yacht joins OAC

BESSY - The Battery Energy Storage System Yacht joins OAC

We are happy to welcome BESSY aboard as a new member og Ocean Autonomy Cluster.
BESSY is an autonomous floating battery energy plattform, a floating autonomus powerbank. When fully charged the vessel will automaticly return to shore and decharge into a landbased station or a mobile station. BESSY is a fully autonomous vessel, unmanned and energy self sufficient. BESSY uses advanced AI weather and routing models to optimice production and transport of the collected energy. Bessy receives predictive data and real time data from  a large number  of sources - this is combined with machine learning from her own experience
Bessy's founder, Kristian Osestad, brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a background in communications and a deep passion for the ocean and energy, he established Ocean Marine AS in 2022 and has been steadily developing Bessy ever since.
His daily work is at HPC Nordic AS, with green initiatives in power, IT, and data centers, while also exploring AI projects and power production. Kristian's passion for sustainable energy extends to Bessy, a company pioneering yacht-based energy storage for cleaner, small-scale power at sea.

Addressing Energy Challenges

BESSY addresses two critical energy challenges: the need for increased energy storage and the desire to reduce reliance on expensive and lengthy power cables. By enabling small-scale energy production at sea, Bessy can empower local communities with access to clean and affordable energy.

"BESSY's unique system combines energy harvesting, storage, and distribution within a compact and autonomous unit housed on a yach," Osestad says. This innovative technology taps into the vast energy potential of the sea, utilizing both wind and wave power more efficiently than land-based alternatives.

BESSY runs on two electric motors and will automatically relocate  within a framework to optimize wind and solar production. The vessel can also  operate in a stand still, as long as needed utilizing the electric engines acting as a trolling motor. The main energy source will be tilted solar. The vessel will relocate to find sun within a framework/best conditions - and will also adjust during daylight to optimize the beams. Also the panels will tilt automatically to have the best angel towards the light. BESSY has two wing sails for using wind as  propulsion.
Joining Forces for Ocean Autonomy

"BESSy's membership in OAC marks a significant step forward for the company. OAC provides an ideal platform for Bessy to connect with industry leaders, share expertise, and collaborate on advancing ocean autonomy technologies," Osestad says.


For more information about Bessy, contact Kristian Osestad