Eelume robots - 10 years of experience

Eelume robots - 10 years of experience

Eelume robots leverage 10 years of experience in advancing cutting-edge technology, providing environmentally sustainable solutions for addressing critical tasks in the ocean space. Eelume is member of Ocean Autonomy Cluster.

The technology disrupts conventional approaches to ocean space mapping, subsea inspection, and presence. Eelume's Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) function as robotic arms with slender, flexible bodies capable of traversing long distances, conducting traditional surveys, accessing confined spaces beyond the reach of conventional underwater vehicles, and performing various tasks due to their flexible design.

Beyond standard AUV operations, Eelume systems are engineered to reside permanently underwater, enabling 24/7 mobilization irrespective of weather conditions. This continuous, rapid response, and flexible capability near subsea installations or areas of interest contribute to sustainable, safer, and more cost-effective ocean space operations. 

Thomas Nygaard EelumeThomas Nygaard, CEO of Eelume

OAC allows us to share our knowledge and technology 

Thomas Nygaard is CEO of Eelume. He says: “In the face of significant societal challenges related to marine life, transportation safety, energy, security, and other aspects of ocean space, no single solution exists; collaboration is key. Joining the Ocean Autonomy Cluster allows us to share our knowledge and technology with a vast network of industry leaders, fostering strong synergies to play pivotal roles in addressing current and future challenges. Despite Norway's relatively small size, the nation boasts a substantial portfolio of key technologies and players in ocean space. Through collaborative efforts, we reinforce and advance our robust maritime heritage”, Nygaard says.

Frode-Halvorsen-FI_ed"We are proud to have Eelume as a member, and they already have a strong collaboration with several members in the cluster," says Frode Halvorsen, who leads the Ocean Autonomy cluster.

Eelume_EkstrabildeThe Eelume

About Eelume

Eelume was established in 2015 as a spin-off from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). After a decade of research on snake robots in collaboration with the research organization SINTEF it was decided to pursue use of the technology within subsea applications.

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