Concrest Energy joins FI Ocean Space Incubator

Concrest Energy joins FI Ocean Space Incubator

Concrest Energy AS is developing new technology in wave power. The technology aims to provide a more stable power exchange than traditional wave power and can also be combined with wind power. Concrest Energy is now becoming a member of FI – Ocean Space Incubator.

Concrest Energy was founded and is led by Leif Arne Tønnessen. He holds a degree in marine technology engineering and has held positions as a technology leader in the maritime and offshore industries for three decades.
Leif-Arne-Tonnessen-2Leif Arne Tønnesen, gründer and leader of Concrest Energy

"The patented wave power system has a power capacity surpassing traditional wave power, enabling significantly lower costs for produced electric power," says Tønnessen. The innovation lies in the system arrangement and the dynamic interaction between the buoys harvesting wave energy. The commercial strategy is to install the wave power system alongside offshore wind farms, achieving better utilization of infrastructure and service facilities. Studies show that energy density per offshore area can double by combining wave and wind energy capture. All components and subsystems included in the solution are currently available on the market. This is significant for both risk, cost, and time to a commercial product.
Ingrid-Margrethe-Sandnes-1024x683Ingrid Margrethe Sandnes, manager at FI – Ocean Space Incubator.

"Concrest Energy has developed a concept in wave power that I look forward to following further," says Ingrid Margrethe Sandnes, manager at FI – Ocean Space Incubator.

"Many are skeptical about wave power, but Concrest Energy has created a simple, robust, and scalable concept to address obstacles that previous solutions have not overcome. The incubator will assist the company with commercialization and financing," she says.

V-Wave & Wind-Wave

Exciting Concept

"I find the concept of Concrest Energy to be one of the most exciting I've seen in wave power," says Thomas Bjørdal of the energy cluster RENERGY. While most others face significant cost issues that follow even if scaling is technically feasible, Concrest could scale without a corresponding increase in costs. Put another way, if it works technically, it should be possible to achieve a competitive price per produced kWh compared to other forms of ocean energy.

"For a cluster with nearly 100 members, it's crucial to have access to the expertise and resources of the Ocean Space Incubator. That type of assistance is critically important for startups that need help which we, as a cluster team, don't have the capacity for. But with the combination of our network and experience, along with guidance and support from Ingrid, the conditions are ripe for success," he says.

Thomas Bjordal Foto Marius TvinnereimThomas Bjørdal in RENERGY Cluster. Photo: Marius Tvinnereim/FI – Fremtidens Industri

Do you want to know more?

Ingrid Margrethe Sandnes
Manager, FI Ocean Space Incubator
+47 936 15 103

Leif Arne Tønnessen
Founder and leader
Concrest Energy AS
+47 97 67 64 43

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