Welcome to our new cluster member, Seasats!

Welcome to our new cluster member, Seasats!

We are happy to welcome San Diego-based Seasats, to the Ocean Autonomy Cluster.

Seasats is an innovative manufacturer and operator of autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs), founded in 2020 by a group of marine technology experts to make scalable autonomous products for ocean operations.

– I will say that we’ve been very impressed with the ocean innovations coming out of Europe. We’re looking forward to building relationships with more international stakeholders and contributing to the industry’s growth however we can, and the OAC seems like a great platform to build from, says Declan Kerwin, Business Lead at Seasats.

Seasats vessels can be used to track, monitor, and evaluate ocean life, as well as mapping, remote inspections, and offshore communications.  The ASV platform X3 is Seasats’ flagship, designed with reliability and modularity in mind, it is two-person portable and can accommodate a wide variety of payloads and missions.

– We are happy to get Seasats onboard and look forward to building relations abroad. Seasats’ innovative technology and ambition are shared by many of our members in OAC, and we hope our network will bring value to their mission, says Cluster Manager Frode Halvorsen.

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