Welcome to our new cluster member, Digitread!

Welcome to our new cluster member, Digitread!

How come industrial IOT projects keep running into the same problem over and over? This conundrum was the start of Digitread, a full-stack software company for industrial applications, based in Sandvika, Norway.

“We are very excited to join the Ocean Autonomy Cluster. With our Industrial IoT platform, we’re working at the forefront of the latest technology solutions that support sustainability. Being part of the cluster gives us the chance to contribute to creating the state-of-art autonomous maritime products”, comments Digitread Confect’s CEO, Christoffer Lange, on the membership of Norway’s leading hub for expertise on ocean autonomy.

“Norway is the global center for innovation and development of autonomous ocean technologies and solutions. A tremendous amount of data needs to be handled to efficiently remote monitor and control the autonomous solutions. This is a great fit for our Industrial IoT platform and we’re looking forward to being part of further projects in the future”, states Digitread Connect’s Sales & Business Development Manager Philipp Schwethelm.

Welcome aboard!

Read more about Digitread here.

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