New member: Welcome Optilift

New member: Welcome Optilift

We are happy to welcome Optilift aboard as a new member! 

Optilift offers products and solutions that improve safety, efficiency and logistics flow in cargo handling on- and offshore. At the heart is our AI- and robot vision technology, combined with innovative software.

Optilift solutions:

  • Can be retro-fitted to existing cranes
  • Handle cargo transfers faster and more cost-effective
  • Reduce risk of human injuries on deck
  • Help prevent damage to cargo
  • Track cargo between onshore base and offshore installations automatically
  • Offer advanced deck planning and simulations
  • Pave the way for remote controlled an autonomous cranes

Read more about Optilift:

Optilift has developed an advanced sensor-technology – mounted in the boom tip of the cranes. The technology eliminates unneeded tasks, while increasing effectivity, quality and safety on all levels. Additionally, it significantly optimises logistic planning. The use of vision-technology and artificial intelligence can help you and your colleagues to a new standard. The future of technology is here – this is your chance to try it out.

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