Oil spill cleanup without chemicals

Oil spill cleanup without chemicals

Blue Impact’s prototype vessel “Vorax” disperses oil into small biodegradable particles with water jets, removing the need for chemicals.

Stein Erik Sørstrøm, a former senior scientist, research director and senior business developer at SINTEF, is the man behind the idea. The method was first demonstrated in 2016 under the name ChemFree. The technology is now further developed, and the company changed its name to Blue Impact in 2018. SINTEF is the largest shareholder (90%).

Blue Impact describes the idea like this: Mechanical dispersion is the process of using water jets to pulverize oil into microscopic droplets – without using chemicals. The oil will stay suspended and be efficiently degraded by natural occurring bacteria. The technology is already patented in 10 countries. Read more about Blue Impact and the concept here.

Our tests have been very successful. We have verified that the technology is working well.

Olav Lindquist, CEO at Blue Impact to TU.no (article in Norwegian)

The prototype – Vorax – is a six-meter-long remote controlled catamaran fitted with technology from Blue Impact and Maritime Robotics in Trondheim. Maritime Robotics has contributed with the technology and system for remote control, with the possibility of making the vessel autonomous. Vorax is specially developed to work along coastlines and around oil platforms. The catamaran has been through numerous tests both in the US (New Jersey) and Norway (Horten). Vorax is designed to be equipped with technology for other purposes as well, such as bathymetry, mapping and measuring.

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