Ocean Autonomy Cluster awarded Cluster Management Excellence Label BRONZE

Ocean Autonomy Cluster awarded Cluster Management Excellence Label BRONZE

– An indicator that Ocean Autonomy Cluster has had good development and an important function, says Cluster Manager Frode Halvorsen.

Frode Halvorsen, Cluster Manager at Ocean Autonomy Cluster

The European Cluster Excellence Initiative has developed a benchmarking and labeling scheme to recognize the importance and eligibility of clusters as defined by the European Commission. The awarded Bronze Label documents the intention of the cluster management organization to strive for excellence by improving its management capabilities and performance levels.

– We are incredibly proud of this certification. Establishing a cluster set to conduct innovation and networking during a pandemic, has been demanding. The Bronze Label means that we qualify for several new programs and is a hallmark of quality when we start work on EU projects, says Halvorsen.

Complex tools

Clusters are complex tools and dynamic organizations subject to continuous change, promoting economic growth by leveraging a region’s innovation and business potential, working for new employment opportunities, new products, and services, new companies, new R&D activities, and new patents.  

The European Commission launched the European cluster excellence programme under the COSME programme to strengthen cluster management excellence in 2014, developing a European cluster benchmarking methodology to improve cluster organisations’ management processes and the quality of services for their members.

The Bronze label is awarded upon fulfillment of two conditions: 1) the applying organisation has been benchmarked by one of the ESCA experts; and 2) the applying organisation fulfils the set of “Eligibility Criteria for Cluster Management Excellence Labels”.

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