Norway's "Silicon Harbor" Takes Shape on Nyhavna

Norway's "Silicon Harbor" Takes Shape on Nyhavna

Trondheim, a city with a rich technological legacy, is poised to establish Nyhavna as Norway's answer to Silicon Valley. A strategic initiative is now unveiled.

Eighteen maritime stakeholders are coming together to establish the Strategic Forum for Nyhavna. The ambition is to develop a world-leading ocean technology community at Nyhavna. Trondheim has a historic opportunity to create Norway's "Silicon Harbor" on Nyhavna, a pivotal part of Trondheim's evolution as a technology capital.

The strategic importance of Nyhavna cannot be overstated. It is not merely a harbor; it is a crucible of innovation, a convergence of established enterprises and startups, all dedicated to advancing maritime technology. The formation of the Strategic Forum for Nyhavna is a testament to the urgency of consolidating this vibrant ecosystem and elevating its visibility in both societal discourse and the developmental processes surrounding Nyhavna.

Opening NY`TNU Nyhavna Foto Lars Bugge AarsetFrom the opening of NYNU Nyhavna. Photo: Lars Bugge Aarset

The initiative stems from the desire to gather and promote the interests of marine technology, maritime industry, and related actors at Nyhavna. It is high time that the technology community associated with Nyhavna unites and highlights the ongoing developments, innovations, and value creation. This community needs a clear voice in societal discussions and the processes surrounding Nyhavna's development.

The Strategic Forum for Nyhavna aims to secure the interests of ocean technology, maritime industry, and adjacent stakeholders at Nyhavna, working towards making it the world's leading area for ocean technology.

Opening Nyhavna Foto Lars Bugge Aarset-1From the opening of NTNU Nyhavna. Photo: Lars Bugge Aarset

"Nyhavna boasts a robust ocean technology community with a mix of established companies and startups. This is something we need to build upon," says Frode Halvorsen of Ocean Autonomy Cluster. Ocean technology is crucial in the technology capital, and it requires access to quaysides and the fjord. Trondheimsfjorden, established as the world's first test area for autonomous vessels, he adds.

The city council has been explicit in its commitment to facilitating business and industry at Nyhavna. This commitment is part of the rationale behind presenting a dedicated business program for the area, scheduled for consideration by the city council next year. The focus is on securing the natural place of ocean technology at Nyhavna.

Since the adoption of the municipal plan in 2016, the presence of ocean technology companies has significantly increased, with many of them finding a home in Nyhavna. Here, they have access to quaysides and the fjord, essential for their continued development. Additionally, there is increased activity from NTNU, involving both students and researchers. The opening of NTNU Nyhavna this summer demonstrated the considerable interest in the innovation environment here.



  • The Strategic Forum for Nyhavna comprises 18 key stakeholders.
  • Its purpose is to safeguard the interests of ocean technology, maritime industry, and related stakeholders on Nyhavna, working towards establishing Nyhavna as the world's leading area for maritime technology.
  • The objectives include communication and profiling of ocean technology actors on Nyhavna, maintaining an ongoing dialogue with policymakers, administration, and other stakeholders, and actively contributing to reports and processes crucial for Nyhavna's development.

Key Forum Participants

  1. NTNU
  2. Fremtidens Industri AS
  3. Blueye Robotics AS
  4. OceanTech Innovation AS
  5. Eelume AS
  6. Zeabuz AS
  7. BOA Offshore AS
  8. Innovation JBA AS
  9. Skarv Technologies AS
  10. Selfa Arctic AS
  11. Vitensenteret
  12. Water Linked AS
  13. Ocean Access AS
  14. Maritime Robotics
  15. Norbit Oceans
  16. Trondheim Havn IKS
  17. Clean Sea Solutions AS
  18. SentiSystems AS

As the Strategic Forum for Nyhavna embarks on this transformative journey, it signals not just the potential for economic prosperity but the emergence of Nyhavna as a global beacon for maritime technology innovation.

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