Meet Zebop, our newest cluster member!

Meet Zebop, our newest cluster member!

Zebop is developing an intelligent camera technology platform where sensor data, image/video recording, analysis, processing, encryption, communication, and decision making can be done locally in the camera, enabling faster and more secure AI-powered image solutions.

– In short, we provide local decision-making processes based on artificial intelligence and data recognition. Our platform will be universal and available to customers and partners, says Peter Høvik, COO of Zebop.

Their solution can be used in a wide range of industries and businesses. An example is the “Smart and Safe City” project, where intelligent cameras are used to detect and alarm drowning accidents, early fire warnings, and detection of large gatherings of people. Another example is the “Smart Aquaculture and Maritime” project, where intelligent cameras will be able to contribute to better decision-making information that has not previously been available in the market.

– Maritime industries will experience that new camera technology together with artificial intelligence will change the way we organize surveillance and HSE/safety, and how we organize and carry out operation and maintenance. If one is to highlight an industry that will be able to reap great benefits here, then it must be the aquaculture industry, says Høvik

Apart from artificial intelligence, other vital technologies are Computer Vision (CV) for observation and interpretation of visual information, and EDGE Computing for fast and local computing. By storing and processing locally and not in the cloud, data can be processed and interpreted faster, resulting in faster decision-making and support in critical situations.

– Our solutions challenge the paradigms of centralized cloud computing and network security with next-generation technologies that will impact the current state of rules and regulations on data security. To fully enable the possibilities of Industry 4.0, we need new standards that allow more innovative use of big data and image processing, says Høvik.

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