Meet EGGS Design, our newest cluster member

Meet EGGS Design, our newest cluster member

The ocean industries are in the midst of a digital revolution, steaming of new technology, innovation opportunities and business potential. Yet, the increasing complexity and rapid change make it hard to plan, focus and execute – especially in parallel with the existing business. Autonomy caters for new ways of working, innovating and organizing your business and partnerships. If done right, the Norwegian maritime industry has the best prerequisites for strengthening our lead in this global, autonomous transformation.  

About EGGS Design

EGGS Design is one of Norway’s leading design and innovation companies. They help create physical and digital products, services and business transformations in collaboration with leading businesses and ambitious start-ups. Together, EGGS Design craft tomorrow’s valuable and sustainable solutions by bridging technology, business and customer needs – from strategic ambitions to commercial reality. They count about 120 highly skilled designers, developers and engineers at our offices in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger and Copenhagen. 

They have assisted several members in Ocean Autonomy Cluster, such as Maritim Robotics, Zeabuz, Scale AQ, Idletechs, Elpro, Eelume, Blueye, Moen Marin, Sintef, NTNU, Kongsberg Maritime and DnV GL etc. 

EGGS & Ocean industries

“The ocean is part of our DNA, and we just clocked 100 000 hours of design and innovation within ocean industries. More and more maritime, offshore and aquaculture businesses embrace design as a strategic and hands-on tool for dealing with complexity, accelerating innovation and ensuring product-market fit” 

Espen A. Jørgensen, Lead design & Head of Ocean Space in EGGS Design

EGGS Design know the industries and the challenges they face well. Complex value chains, operations, technology and regulations place special demands on us who are to assist. Processes and solutions must be adapted to the business’ ambitions and prerequisites. 

EGGS Design relevant services are: 

  • Early phase concept development, workshop facilitation and visualization
  • Business design and investor presentations for funding
  • Design of new services and customer journeys
  • Design and development of digital user interfaces
    (UX/UI & front-end development – bridge systems, control stations, digital customer touchpoints, data flow etc)
  • Brand and identity design for visibility, positioning and trust in the market
  • Design of vessels, hardware and physical infrastructure
  • Innovation management, process facilitation and project management from a human-oriented design perspective.


Ocean autonomy and automation are particularly interesting areas for EGGS. From their first autonomy-related project together with Maritime Robotics in 2005 until today, there has been a great and accelerating development. New actors are emerging, the enabling technology is maturing, regulations are starting to catch up and the first commercial solutions are coming to light – albeit somewhat later than envisioned.  

Full autonomy is still the promised land that keeps staying on the horizon. Getting there requires climbing the autonomy ladder; finding and creating feasible offerings at the intermediate steps. On this path, they believe that new ways of interacting between humans and technology in combination with new business models and partnerships will be crucial in creating commercially scalable solutions.

Even with full autonomy, the human dimension will be crucial in rigging the right offerings and value chains. Last but not least, people’s and society’s trust in autonomy will be critical for mass adoption. In Trondheim, the technology capital, technological challenges often get first priority. We believe our design and innovation expertise can add valuable user and business perspectives, and be redemptive for the OAC cluster and the companies within! 

Espen A. Jørgensen, Lead design & Head of Ocean Space in EGGS Design


To learn more about EGGS Design, please contact

Espen A. Jørgensen, Lead design & Head of Ocean Space | EGGS Design. | +47 93 00 24 30

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