Maritime 4. O: International collaborations on crosscutting issues

Maritime 4. O: International collaborations on crosscutting issues

We are now in the era of Maritime 4.0 – but what is it about and how can you benefit?

Maritime vessels are complex systems that generate and require the utilization of substantial amounts of data for maximum efficiency within a complex supply chain critical to the global economy.

The fourth industrial revolution, with artificial intelligence, big data analyses, and smart autonomous technologies, will have an immense effect on maritime transport. Industry 4.0 is bringing exponential changes to the way we live, work, and relate to one another. But these changes will also apply to how we trade and transport goods.

Crisis push innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalization progress and innovation. Even though we also experienced a major disruption in the supply chain, the pandemic also pushed us globally to work remotely, manage a remote business and propel connectivity in shipping.

– This leads to new opportunities and even unexpected collaborations on cross-cutting issues within the total value-chain, Cluster Manager Frode Halvorsen states.

Norwegian-German Conference

Gemany’s Maritime Agenda 2025 sets out a wide range of measures to be deployed across nine fields of action of the maritime industry. The government also seeks to work with the business community to draw up a roadmap that describes the priorities of their applied research funding programmes and how the innovation capacity of SMEs – which form the backbone of the maritime industry – is to be strengthened. 

Norway is an important partner to Germany both as an energy provider, and when it comes to implementing the energy transition. On the other side, Germany is an important hub for Norway’s transport network. Europe is seeing a hiring boom within naval industry machine learning.

– There is an increasing international demand for innovative technologies, and many look to Norway for collaboration on maritime 4.0, Halvorsen says.

In June Norwegian-German Chamber of Commerce and the German Ministry of Trade arrange a delegation visit with German suppliers interested in establishing contact with Norwegian industry players.

Register to meet up with potential partners on June 13 – during the Norwegian-German Conference focusing on solutions and technology for digital and safe shipping.

Solutions and technology for digital and safe shipping

Together with Norwegian-German Chamber of Commerce, the German Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the industrial association VDMA, we invite to a conference focusing on solutions and technology for digital and safe shipping.

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