Human in Future Maritime Operations - MIDAS workshop

Human in Future Maritime Operations - MIDAS workshop

The project "Human in Future Maritime Operations - MIDAS" is a collaboration between eight institutes from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), SINTEF Digital, Ocean Autonomy Cluster, GCE Blue Maritime Cluster, and Digital Norway, representing nearly 250 companies in total.

This week the MIDAS-team was gathered for a workshop at NTNU Shore Control Lab in Nyhavna, laying out plans for activities in 2024.

The aim of the project is to promote autonomous marine technology as a significant future export industry for Norway by enhancing the technological companies' expertise and capacity in design and business development.

MIDAS Workshop2Group photo by Carl André Nørstebø, EGGS Design.

Until 2028, researchers, students, and maritime companies will work together to develop the future of marine environments and workplaces. This includes improving educational offerings, developing business models, building trust between humans and machines, and creating attractive maritime jobs.

Ole Andreas Alsos-1"This project will bulid compentence in the industry that will make them build better and more user-friendly products and services that are easier to take to the market", says Ole Andreas Alsos, project leader of MIDAS. Alsos is also Associate Professor and Vice Dean for Innovation and Dissemination at Department of Design, NTNU - Faculty of Architecture and Design.

Ole Andreas Alsos, NTNU

Do you want to know more?

Ole Andreas Alsos - MIDAS Project Leader
Associate Professor / Vice Dean for Innovation and Dissemination
Department of Design, Faculty of Architecture and Design - NTNU
Mobile: +4791544825


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