Aquaai Norway new cluster member

Aquaai Norway new cluster member

We have the pleasure of welcoming Aquaai Norway AS as a member of the Ocean Autonomy Cluster!

Aquaai Norway AS is a marine robotics company that has developed an integrated web platform and a patented bio-inspired fishlike AUVs that collect visual and environmental data. The data is delivered to an online dashboard offering customers an end-to-end solution called FaaS, fish-as-a-service®.

– We are a 3P company (People, Planet, Profit) that began in Silicon Valley and are new to Norway. Our team comes from different countries, but each member is a misfit and together we make the perfect setting to innovate, problem-solve, laugh and push the boundaries of biomimicry, robotics, ML, AI, and ocean tech. We’re formed by highly qualified international professionals (NASA, SpaceX, New York Times, Roboticx, Tate & Lyle, UK Royal Navy) with a combination of R&D, operations, business, product manufacturing, and marketing acumen, says Liane Thompson, CEO of Aquaai Norway AS.

Aquaai fights the climate crisis by providing data to Blue Economy industries that seek affordable insights to operate sustainably. Hitting seven of the UN SDGs, their system is designed for the 21st century of climate issues to reduce the expense that goes into collecting and tracking visual and environmental data offering an affordable risk management tool for players in reinsurance, aquaculture, smart cities, ports, rivers, dams, first responders (flooding disaster scenarios), ocean & climate research, conservation/MPAs, illegal fishing prevention, etc.

Their motivation for joining the Ocean Autonomy Cluster is their entrance to the Norwegian sustainable aquaculture market, where they have partnered with sustainable salmon farms including Kvarøy, suppliers to Whole Foods grocer, Fulton Street Market (NYC), and Michelin chefs.

– We have international startup and relocation knowledge coming from Silicon Valley and now operating in Norway. We also have knowledge in marketing – how to get on the map as a young company, and experience with collaboration in pilots. We are already collaborating with Nofima and UiT on EU research and pilots. Soon, we will also collaborate with the Climate Division of ESA (European Space Agency), says Thompson.

Aquaai har received Top Aquaculture Innovation (2019) at Fish2.0 Stanford Global Forum; the European Commission’s Seal of Excellence for impact, quality and efficiency (2020); an Innovation Norway grant (2020); and semifinalists at The Hardware Cup CleanTech challenge (2021). You may also read about Aquaai in various articles in Forbes, Bank of the West’s ocean tech study, Verizon’s piece on biomimicry in drones, sustainable aquaculture in World Positive and risk management in CIO.

Welcome to the cluster, Aquaai!

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