Welcome to cluster member WSense!

Welcome to cluster member WSense!

With a talent pool of over 50 skilled professionals based in Italy, Norway, and the United Kingdom, Wsense is rigged for underwater deep-tech challenges.

Wsense helps small and big companies bridge technology gaps in the monitoring & control of marine environments involving areas such as environmental monitoring, energy, critical infrastructure, aquaculture, tourism, and cultural heritage.

Their unique platforms enable mesh multi-hop networking and interoperability among various underwater sensors and autonomous vehicle vendors (ASV, AUV). This ensures long-lasting real-time monitoring over large areas and extensive surveillance of underwater environments, waterways, and marine seabeds.

- We are pleased to become a member of the Ocean Autonomy Cluster. The cluster's vision for autonomous systems aligns well with our company's goals of introducing efficient and innovative marine technology solutions. We are excited to join the knowledgeable network of members, and we believe that this collaboration will provide us with valuable opportunities to exchange knowledge, build relationships, and collaborate for the development of sustainable maritime technology, says Alexander Bergrem, Vice President of Sales & Business Development of WSense. 

Learn more about WSense. 

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