Blueye Robotics launches Blueye Pro

Blueye Robotics launches Blueye Pro

Blueye Robotics has launched the Blueye Pro underwater drone, an inspection tool for professionals with assets below the surface.

Blueye Robotics is a Norwegian technology company established in 2015. After several years of development, they launched their first product in 2018, the Blueye Pioneer underwater drone, developed with a special emphasis on design and user-friendliness. The company has just finished its first commercial year, and have sold close to 700 Pioneer drones to 45 countries.

The lion’s share is sold in Norway, with the Norwegian aquaculture industry beeing as the larges market today.

Blueye Robotics recently launched their upgraded product, the Blueye Pro. The Blueye Pro underwater drone is targeted at all professionals with a need for a flexible and easy to use tool to perform their inspections, without being dependent on divers or ROV pilots.

With new features such as the camera tilt-function, improved camera quality and the increased depth rating to 1000 feet (305 m), Blueye users will have more flexibility to fulfil more use cases for underwater inspections.

– With the Blueye Pro we can offer professionals an even more robust and agile tool. With the new features such as the tilting camera and the increased depth rating, I’m confident that the Pro will serve the needs of professionals within aquaculture, search & rescue, hydropower, public waterworks, research, shipping, harbours and more, says Christian Gabrielsen, CEO of Blueye Robotics.

See the Blueye Pro promo video below:

The underwater drone is ready to be deployed in a few minutes with minimal training. Operating the drone is easy with the Blueye app on iOS or Android devices, together with a user-friendly controller. With the additional Dive Buddy app, users can include other managers to join the operation on multiple devices. The camera tilt-function will allow users to increase their vertical field of view. By a simple tap on the controller, the camera on the drone will tilt upwards or downwards, enabling users to perform more efficient and higher quality inspections.

Vessel inspectors will now be able to inspect their flat-bottomed vessel more easily, fish farmers will get a better view of the bottom of their fish pen and researchers will be able to have a closer look at the seabed while collecting data. Combined with the possibility to manoeuvre the ROV both lateral and vertical, the Blueye Pro will be a major upgrade which lets users move and see more freely during inspections.

Illustration: Blueye Robotics

In addition to the tilt-function, the camera is improved with higher light sensitivity, better dynamic range and image stabilization. It’s now possible to better utilize the light breaking the surface, and to capture a more detailed picture of assets below the surface, as the majority of professional inspections occur in challenging conditions. By increasing the depth rating to 1000 feet (305 m) the Blueye Pro is even more robust. This gives more freedom to move in deeper dives and provides access and durability where divers fall short.

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