Njord accepted for membership in Ocean Autonomy Cluster

Njord accepted for membership in Ocean Autonomy Cluster

From left: Kristian Brudeli, Eivind Løvoll, Aida Angell,Robin Stokke, Sander Nesse Hansen and Johan Bjerkedal. Photo: Mikael Sætereid/FI

We welcome Njord – The Autonomous Ship Challenge, on board as member of the Ocean Autonomy Cluster!

Njord is set to be a unique international student competition, where students design and build autonomous vessels and bring them to Trondheim’s test site, Trondheimsfjorden. There, the students will compete in a series of challenges and events. The competition will be held by and for the students, and the goal is to raise awareness around automation, innovation and smart solutions, as well as creating a platform for personal development and networking.

Read more about Njord and the autonomous ship challange on their webpage.

– Njord wants to raise awareness and contribute to innovation amongst students of maritime autonomy. We want to create a unique competition for students, giving them hands-on experience and something new and completely different from what is taught in class. We believe the competition will motivate and engage students to pursue careers within maritime autonomy, says Aida Angell, Project Manager at Njord.

– Student involvement is absolutely necessary for innovation and development within maritime autonomy in Norway and the Trondheim region, and Njord wants to be a connection between students and the Ocean Autonomy Cluster. We also believe that the cluster membership is an opportunity for Njord to make new and relevant business contacts, as we are dependent on the help of qualified professionals and businesses in the cluster. We also see that the cluster is a good place for cooperation, which is something highly valued in Njord, says Angell.

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