New member: Welcome aboard Elwave

Published: January 12, 2022

We are happy to welcome Elwave aboard as a new member and the first member from France. 

Elwave is the world`s first and only company to offer products and systems based on innovative “Electric sense” technology. “Electric sense” is the sensory mode used by fish living in tropical, murky, and congested water habitats, where vision and sonar are ineffective. These types of fish generate an electric field (an “electric sensory bubble”) and analyze disturbances in this field caused by surroundings to deduce the presence of an object, its position, shape, and nature (insulating or conducting).

Some key points about Elwave:

  • Detection and characterization of all types of objects: 360°, real-time, insulating and conducting materials
  • Reactive and autonomous navigation without prior knowledge of the environment: automatic avoidance of obstacles, wall tracking, docking, etc.
  • Effective in seawater and freshwater, sediments and air

Elwave is also planning to conduct some tests in Trondheim, so if you are interested in knowing more about Elwave, please contact cluster manager Frode Halvorsen, and we will put you in contact.

Read more about Elwave

Elwave @ Linkedin