Torghatten teams up with Zeabuz

Published: January 18, 2021

Zeabuz's ferry: Illustration: Zeabuz

The Norwegian transports company Torghatten has joined the owner side in Zeabus.  Now they aim to collect NOK 200 millions and operate Norwegian and international cities with driverless electric ferries.

This writes the Norwegian newspaper Finansavisen.

– Until now, we have financed the company through public support schemes and through internal issues from employees and entrepreneurs. But at the end of the year, it is clear that Torghatten will become an investor, says Erik Dyrkoren, general manager and co-founder of Zeabuz to Finansavisen.

Zeabuz waqsa started in December 2019, and has four employees.

The vision is that unmanned ferries with renewable energy and room for 20 to 50 passengers will be able to transport people from A to B on rivers, straits and fjords.

– We have great faith in Zeabuz, the technology and business opportunities of the company, says Herigstad-Olsen, CEO Of Torghatten, to Finansavisen.

– Torghatten is a very progressive company that wants to invest in the future. We could not have asked for a better investor, says Dyrkoren.

Read full article (in Norwegian) from Finansavisen her.