Searis gives you easy access to your data

Published: October 30, 2020

In 2012 four students started Searis. Eight years later the company has developed Clarify.

Claryfi is a tool for data analysis.

– There are loads of data that comes from for example autonomous boats, drones or open sources. But the same data can be difficult to use to something valuable, says Tore Norheim Hagtun.

He is the CEO of Searis.

– Another problem is that the data can be hard to read and understand. If you don’t understand the data, you can’t use it, says Hagtun.

Therefore, Searis has developed the platform Clarify. The platform connects data from different sources.

– With Clarify you have easy access to the data you want, in real time. This makes it possible to get control and structure over the data you want.

When you get data in real time from different sources on the same platform, it gives you the opportunity to study the data right away. It also allows you to take action at once, if needed.

– Clarify also gives you the opportunity to share the data with several people in real time. That makes it possible for professionals from different disciplines to analyze the same data at the same time, witch again gives you several perspectives on the same data.

At the same time, one important aspect about Clarify is that you do not necessarily have to be an expert to understand the dataIt is important to us that the users of Clarify understand the data, even if they are not expert in statistics or analytics.

– With most of the data platforms that are available today, you must be an expert to understand the data. The reality is that most of us are not experts. And that is why it has been important to us to develop a platform that also can be used for people that are not experts.

– When more people can understand the data, more people can be involved and give their perspective on what the data means, says Hagtun.

Searis is based in Trondheim, and they recently became a member of the Ocean Autonomous Cluster.