Member survey: Create the Ocean Autonomy Cluster you need

Published: June 13, 2022

We invite members and partners of Ocean Autonomy Cluster to share their inputs on how Ocean Autonomy Cluster has added value throughout the membership.

The main goal of the Ocean Autonomy Cluster is to strengthen Norway’s leading role in the development and commercialization of future autonomous marine technologies.

Through our member survey, we want to map the benefits your company/organization has from participating in the cluster and learn how we can further develop the autonomy cluster for the benefit of the members, for the pace of innovation in Norway, and for global, maritime needs in the future.

The survey is anonymous, and your answers will not be traced back to you. Results will be shared on the website.

Win a free ticket to Ocean Autonomy Conference 2022

To show how grateful we are for your time, we will collect a winner of a free ticket to the Ocean Autonomy Conference from Sept. 21 – 22.

The winner will be contacted directly.