Welcome to the cluster, Ocean Power Parks!

Welcome to the cluster, Ocean Power Parks!

Ocean Power Parks was founded by Nader Hassavari in 2009 with the objective to develop, market, and distribute a clean and autonomous ocean electricity solution.

The Ocean Power Parks (OPP) concept is based on parks with multipurpose marine construction for the large production of renewable energy and mariculture at sea. The systems are unmanned and will operate by automation.

OPPs solution consists of concrete, steel, pontoons, and generators. It is movable and can demount and mount in different ocean environments. In low-production periods, the system will be able to produce hydrogen which will be stored and then transported to land.

– The future of renewable energy will take place in the ocean. Our mission is to replace the oil and gas industry with renewable energy and sustainable food production, to ensure the continuation of life on our planet, says founder and CEO Nader Hassavari.

Significant capital has been invested into the development of OPPs technology, and they are currently further researching and testing the equipment’s feasibility for ongoing improvements. They have worked directly with FEDEM Technology (SAP Germany) to perform hydrodynamic and structural analysis of its floating wave power generator concept.

– Through our membership in the Ocean Autonomy Cluster, we have become closer to potential collaborators, partners and investors with strong knowledge of autonomous technologies for ocean applications. Our contributions to the cluster community are diversification and increased knowledge of renewable energy and aquaculture, among others, says Hassavari.

Welcome to the cluster!

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