Protecting and monitoring - a photo summary

Protecting and monitoring - a photo summary

Experts, innovators, and industry leaders gathered to discuss the current state and prospects of the blue economy in the Nordic region.

The seminar showcased cutting-edge technologies and solutions leading the new ocean monitoring and protection era. In collaboration with European Investment Bank, Blue Invest, DG Mare, and the strategic project Innovamare, the seminar addressed the investment possibilities, the market challenges, and the regulatory obstacles in scaling up and closing environmental and safety gaps in the European waters. 


Opening remarks by Siri Granum Carson, NTNU Ocean.

Linda Cathrine Hald from Future Innovations and Ocean Autonomy Cluster introduced the session on new maritime technologies and research. 
Dr. Tina Silovic, Market Development Officer, from Mercator Ocean - Copernicus Marine Data for Arctic. 
Antonio Vasilijevic, Research Project Manager, NTNU - Department of Marine Technology.
Dr. Antonella Calvia-Goetz from European Investment Bank introduced the session on funding strategies in Europe. 
Zoi Konstantinou, Policy Officer from DG Mare. 
Stein Ivar Strøm Department Manager - Innovation Norway
Advisor of Ocean Space Incubator, Ingrid Margrethe Sandnes introducing session on equity capital. 
Ingrid Maurstad, Impact Director at Katapult Ocean. 

Jon Trygve Berg, Partner in Sarsia Seed Management AS

Thomas Frafjord, Country Manager - XOCEAN
Andreas Mauritzen, CEO in Ocean Access
Børge Sigernes-Sørlie from Maritime Robotics. 
Kyrre Tjom, CSO and founder of iDROP
Trygve Olav Fossum, CEO - Skarv Technologies
Claudio Latorre - CFO - WSense
Josip Rukavina, the CEO of Vectrino

Marija Stupalo, CEO - Salona Var

Trond Larsen - Senior Technical Sales Engineer at Blueye Robotics on how a small, Norwegian drone became the world's eyes under water when the Nord Stream 2 was damaged. 
Panel session with Mateo Ivanac, Crotatian Chamber of Economy, DIH InnovaMare and Chantal Martens, Impact Director at Katapult Ocean,  Dr. Antonella Calvia-Goetz, Lead Economic Adivisor - European Investment Bank, and Arne Rinnan, EVP Strategy and Technology, Kongsberg Discovery,

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