Vårt medlems- og partnernettverk strekker seg fra scaleups, startups, større selskaper, investorer og FoU-institusjoner innenfor et bredt spekter av bransjer innen shipping, programvare, elektronikk og kybernetikk.

  • acuaocean
    ACUA Ocean design, develop and deploy hydrogen-powered maritime autonomous surface ship as an offshore IoT data platform.
  • Aviant
    AVIANT has developed drones to transport blood samples, COVID samples, water samples, milk samples, and equipment for windmill farms. 
  • Aquaai
    Aquaai develops cameras, sensors, and control systems for superior data acquisition. 
  • autoagri
    AutoAgri is revolutionizing agriculture, guided by GPS, radar, and other sensors, it can work on its own day and night. 
  • blueeye
    Blueye delivers technology across a vast range of customer applications ranging from dam inspections, aquaculture, ship inspections, law enforcement, wastewater & drinking water management, marine surveillance, tourism, and education e.g.
  • Boreal
    Boreal Norge AS (formerly Veolia Transport Norge, Connex Norge and CGEA Transport Norge) is a Norwegian transport group.
  • breach
    Breach creates services and products where you can connect and interact with all immersive technology fields.
  • clarify
    Clarify is a tool that lets you and your team easily share knowledge and explore industrial data - together. Helping you turn data into actual value, every day.
  • Clean Marine Switchboards
    Clean Electric’s goal is to create the next generation innovative energy design for demanding power consumers worldwide in the onshore, offshore & marine industries. Our focus is designing sustainable solutions.
  • Craft
    The Research Group CRAFT leads research activities integrating various disciplinary perspectives and academic/non-academic knowledge, aiming to provide science, solutions, and advice for societal, industrial, and political adaptation to complex future challenges in the marine and coastal areas. 
  • Digithread
    The industrial IoT-as-Service model ensures a worry-free solution without dealing with IT operations and application management.
  • DNV
    DNV is a global company in quality assurance and risk management with a presence in over 100 countries and head office in Norway.
  • eelume
    The Eelume vehicle is modular. By combining thruster modules, joints, sensor modules, and different payload modules, the vehicle is configured to the customer’s specifications. Using the thrusters and joints, the vehicle can attain any pose in the water. 
  • eggs
    EGGS Design is a Scandinavian leader in design-driven innovation, which helps customers with business development and creating new products and services.
  • elpro
    Elpro supplies electrical and mechanical products, solutions, and services for customers in maritime, offshore, and onshore industries. 
  • Elwave
    ELWAVE® is the leading Elliott Wave trading software, offering the very best in automated Elliott Wave analysis. 
  • EmLogic
    EmLogic is a high quality Embedded Systems design centre in Norway.
  • fosenyards
    With ship-building traditions dating back to 1918, Fosen Yard offers its customers workmanship based on a century worth of experience. We have continuously kept up with the changing markets and development of new production methods and technologies. 
  • idrop
    Conceptualized, Designed & Built to deliver a better future for Ocean Sensor Operations.
  • impossiblesensing
    Making sense of the deep ocean, deep space, and everywhere in between, supplying cutting-edge optical sensors into the field – any field.
  • INAS
    The International Network for Autonomous Ships (INAS) is an informal group of national or regional interest organisations on the subject of unmanned, autonomous or smart ships. 
  • inission
    Since its establishment in 1990, Inission Løkken has been a flexible subcontractor for demanding customers in the Norwegian electronics market.
  • LyngGruppen
    Lyng Gruppen AS, is a private investment company, and the parent of the Lyng Group, investing mainly in partnerships with people and organizations with expertice in the relevant fields.
  • maritimerobotics
    Maritime Robotics technology is developed closely with civilian, governmental, and military partners. 
  • moenmarin
    Moen Marin is the world’s largest supplier of working boats to the aquaculture industry. 
  • Marine Technologies
    Marine Technologies (MT) is dedicated to providing superior vessel control and communications solutions for all types of vessels, from large offshore specialty vessels, accommodation vessels, and wind-field service vessels to smaller tug boats and luxury yachts.
  • mythosAI
    Developers of advanced automation and self-driving for vessels. Hydrography is the first industry we’re shaking up with our technology.
  • NFAS
    The Norwegian Forum for Autonomous Ships (NFAS) is an interest group for persons or organizations that are interested in the subject of autonomous ships. 
  • Njord
    Njord - The Autonomous Ship Challenge is a student driven competition held in Trondheim. 
  • norbit

    NORBIT is a global provider of tailored technology to carefully selected niches.

  • novumare
    NovuMare's crew has more than 50 years of combined experience with preparedness against acute pollution, courses, exercises,and advice. We have participated in many actions both home and abroad.
  • NTNU
    NTNU is a university with an international focus and science and technology as a main profile. NTNU has headquarters in Trondheim and campuses in Ålesund and Gjøvik. 
  • Nui

    NUI provides the subsea industry with a great diversity of products and services, ranging from research and development and hyperbaric contingency to engineering, pressure/equipment testing, medical treatment, advisory, courses and training.

  • oceanaccess
    Ocean Access is a Norwegian startup on a mission to capture ocean data that has never been captured. We are addressing the increasing need for remote ocean monitoring across different industries. 
  • Ocean-Power_Parks
    Ocean Power Parks is a grid of multipurpose platforms that exploit the potential and kinetic energy of ocean waves and solar to power a generator, producing renewable energy that can be provided to utility companies for further distribution. 
  • Oceantech
    OceanTech has a unique technology developed especially for underwater cleaning, inspection, repair and modification services. 
  • Optilift

    Optilift offers products for digitalized, remote controlled and autonomous cargo handling.

  • Oslo Met
    OsloMet Oceanlab coordinates research, innovation, and public outreach activities related to ocean technology and sustainability. 
  • PMH Norway
    PMH produces and delivers products and complete systems and solutions for dynamic positioning, ship maneuvering, hydraulics, a wide range of deck equipment and thrusters.
  • PremiumCatamarans
    Premium Catamarans is specialized in advanced catamarans and trimarans. Superior quality and technology, state-of-the-art materials, and innovative engineering that revolutionizes market standards and adapts to the expectations of the most demanding customers.
  • Robotic Services
    Robotic Services is a subsidiary company of Maritime Robotics, serving the maritime industry with production and mechanic services. 
  • ScaleAQ
  • Scout DI
  • Seaquent Labs
  • Seasats
  • Senti Systems
  • Sintef
  • Skarv Technologies
  • Step Solutions
  • Thalasso

    Thalasso is a Norwegian-Mexican cooperation project with a blue economy approach.

  • torghatten
  • Trondheim Havn
  • Vortex NTNU
  • Waterlinked
  • Zeabuz
  • Zebop


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