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The quality of the membership is more important than the number of members. We aim to offer events, project initiatives, and collaboration arenas to all our members nationally and abroad and work side by side with our members to promote and push autonomous maritime technology to market. 

To become a member, the applicant company, institution or organization must be ambitious and actively participate in the cluster’s work. This will augment the quality of the work and provide a fruitful cluster experience for all members.

Our cluster members are willing to engage in joint initiatives and projects with other members or to engage in projects initiated by the cluster. The member’s contributions can either be in the form of work hours from employees and/or financial contributions.

To become a member of the Ocean Autonomy Cluster, the following requirements are set:

  • The company must pursue innovation, research, and/or development of autonomous technologies, systems, and/or solutions.
  • The company must have a strategic focus area that falls within the Ocean Autonomy Cluster’s strategy and objectives.
  • All companies that apply for membership in the Ocean Autonomy Cluster must meet with the cluster management as part of the application process.
  • The final decision on membership is made by the Ocean Autonomy Cluster’s steering committee.


Members of the Ocean Autonomy Cluster will be charged an annual membership fee based on the company's size. Equally, a minimum amount of contributing hours is required for each member. 

The members' contributing hours are non-billable time spent in projects in the cluster, e.g., attending workshops, events, meetings, or other participation in projects run by the cluster.

Different memberships

Startups 3> years since registration
0 NOK /yearly - Expected minimum contribution: 10 hours
Small company I: 1 - 5 employees
5000 NOK /yearly - Expected minimum contribution: 10 hours
Small company II: 6 - 20 employees
10 000 NOK /yearly - Expected minimum contribution: 15 hours
Small company III: 21 - 50 employees
20 000 NOK /yearly - Expected minimum contribution: 20 hours
Middle-sized company I: 51 - 100 employees
30 000 NOK /yearly - Expected minimum contribution: 30 hours
Middle-sized company II: 100 > employees
40 000 NOK /yearly - Expected minimum contribution: 40 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my membership? -

  • Access to an extended network of entrepreneurs, investors, R&D-institutions and international network
  • Free seminars and events
  • Free participation in international delegations and visits
  • Reduced fee on the Ocean Autonomy Conference
  • Free guidance in national or international application processes
  • Free advisors for startups


Why is it expected to contribute with non-billable hours?  +

The Ocean Autonomy Cluster is a non-profit initiative supported by Innovation Norway and can not financially compensate for member contributions. However, we know your time is valuable, and we work tirelessly to make your input worthwhile - and then some. 


Workshops, events, joint projects, and initiatives by the cluster are based on the ambition to create market opportunities for the members through participation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.


Your dedicated time is priceless and crucial in reaching our shared mission of transforming the maritime future. 

How can I make the best use of my cluster membership? +

You get the most out of your membership if you get involved and participate in the cluster events and projects.

As a member, you can join any event or project or initiate projects or events through the cluster. You will also be invited to join the cluster's international delegations or study trips. 

How do I pitch new projects? +

If you have ideas for projects, consortiums, events or collaborations, the Ocean Autonomy Team is there to guide you.

Contact us at phone number: +47 918 45 969


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