Accelerating ocean autonomy for

a better tomorrow


The Ocean Autonomy Cluster is Norway’s leading hub for expertise on ocean autonomy. Building on a proud maritime history, today’s cutting-edge research, innovative companies, and a rapidly growing market for independent solutions, the cluster can provide a unique climate for collaborations and knowledge development. 

We strongly believe autonomous systems will become essential in addressing many challenges in the years ahead, such as traffic congestion, climate emissions, and safety challenges at sea when facing increasing demands in logistics.

With more than 70 members and partners, both from Norway and abroad, we aim to build strong networks and collaboration towards a common goal for a sustainable new course of maritime technology. 


The Ocean Autonomy Cluster is run by one of Norway's largest innovation companies, Future Innovations (FI). As part of the FI Family, we collaborate with the clusters NCE Aquatech, RENergy and Midsec - also run by FI. 

Ocean Autonomy Cluster was establised as part of Innovation Norways Arena-programme in 2020, and has since then build a strong position both nationally and internationally. 


The clusters ambition is to accelerate ocean autonomy for a better, more sustainable future, focusing on the following objectives: 

1. Internationalisation and Scaling​
The Ocean Autonomy Cluster will establish an international position in Europe, the USA, and Canada
2. Market Development and Commercialisation​
The Ocean Autonomy Cluster will increase the pace of innovation for technologies, solutions, and products for the ocean space
3. Supplier Networks and Value Chains​
The Ocean Autonomy Cluster will develop tailored services for the commercialization and scaling of autonomous ocean space technology​
4. Industrial Acceleration ​
The Ocean Autonomy Cluster will strengthen the region's visibility and position within maritime ocean space technology by increasing host appeal.​


FI – Future Innovations (Fremtidens Industri AS) is one of Norway’s leading innovation companies. We contribute to existing and new businesses' growth and sustainable development based on our broad industry-based expertise. Our aim is for our customers to develop in line with global market needs and use the opportunities that new technologies provide.

We assist in all parts of business development. We help develop large and small projects. Connect companies to our extensive network of business clusters, research institutions, education organizations, and policy apparatus. We also collaborate with schools, municipalities, associations, and organizations to make different parts of society more business-friendly.