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Privacy statement

Data is the backbone of any digital automation, but even techies like us value the privacy and respect of personal information and data used for commercial purposes.  

This Privacy Statement describes how we collect and use visitor information on The statement contains information you are entitled to when visiting our website, and general information about how we treat personal data.

The legal owner of the website, Future Innovations, is the processing officer for processing personal data. It is voluntary for those who visit the websites to provide personal information regarding services such as receiving newsletters and filling out registration forms. The treatment basis is the consent of the individual unless otherwise specified.

Web analytics and cookies

We strive to create a user-friendly website with relevant content and look at the user pattern of those who visit the website to learn more. If  you think we should do better, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

This website is built on Hubspot, and we use Hubspot tools to analyze the information. Hubspot uses cookies (small text files that the website stores on the user's computer) to register the user’s IP address and provide information about individual user’s online movements. Examples of what the statistics give us answers to are; how many people visit various pages, how long the visit lasts, which websites the users come from, and which browsers are used.

Similar cookies may contain information about the language code for the language selected by the user. There may be cookies with information that supports the system's load balancing so that all users are secure and have the best possible experience. For services that require searching, cookies may be used to ensure that the service presents data to the correct recipient. None of the cookies enable us to link information about your website to you as an individual.

Hubspot uses various security technologies and procedures to help protect your Personal Data from unauthorized access, use o,r disclosure. We secure the Personal Data you provide on computer servers in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. All Personal Data is protected using appropriate physical, technical, and organizational measures. 

Search function 

If the website has a search function, it stores information about which search terms the users use in Hubspot. The purpose of the storage is to make our website content and service offer better. The usage pattern for searches is stored in aggregated form. Only the search term is stored, and they cannot be linked to other information about the users, such as the IP addresses.


The website can send newsletters via e-mail if you have registered to receive this. For us to be able to send e-mails, you must register an e-mail address. Hubspot is the data processor for the newsletter, and the mail address is not shared with others and is deleted when you cancel the subscription. The email address is also deleted if we receive feedback that it is inactive.

Registration forms

The website may have a form for registration, a contact form, or other forms. These forms are made available to the public to perform the tasks they are intended to do. The registration form is for visitors to sign up or register. Event registrations may be shared with partners of the registration if this is given consent. 

The contact form allows visitors to send a message to the website's contact person easily. We then ask for the name of the submitter and their contact information. People we receive are not used for purposes other than answering the inquiry. The form is emailed via Hubspot, and personnel and contact information are kept from other parties. 

Manage cookies and tracking codes

At, you can read about how to set your browser to accept/reject cookies and get tips for safer internet use.

Click here to remove HubSpot's tracking cookies from your browser - but before you do: Cookies aren't all that bad. We bet you'd never get this information without data collection and statistics— bon appetite! 

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