MIDAS: Humans in future ocean space operations

Published: April 27, 2022

Human-oriented design concepts are becoming increasingly important in technology development, making young and disruptive technologies more understandable and attractive for markets, end-users, and society.

MIDAS is a 6-year project to strengthen the innovation capacity, development and export of autonomous ocean space technologies, focusing primarily on human-oriented design concepts, business development and interdisciplinary professional environments and disciplines. The aim is to contribute to developing autonomous vessels and platforms that interact better with humans and ordinary ships. The project is led by NTNU’s Department of Design, involving seven other NTNU departments, three research centres, and three innovation clusters representing over 150 companies. With world-leading R&D actors such as NTNU and SINTEF, industrial actors such as DNV and national and international members of the Ocean Autonomy Cluster, MIDAS is a collaborative project incorporating the entire value chain.