The Ocean Autonomy Cluster is Norway’s leading hub for expertise on ocean autonomy and consists of R&D suppliers, suppliers of technology, components, and systems, as well as investors and key customers. Through collaboration, joint initiatives, and projects, the cluster members strengthen Norway’s role as the global center for innovation and development of autonomous ocean technologies and solutions.

Cluster membership

The cluster prioritizes the quality of the cluster higher than the number of members. In order to become a member, the applicant company, institution or organization is required to be ambitious and to actively participate in the cluster’s work. This will augment the quality of the work and provide a fruitful cluster experience for all members.


It is also assumed that cluster members are willing to engage in joint initiatives and projects with other members or to engage in projects initiated by the cluster. The member’s contributions can either be in the form of work hours from employees and/or financial contributions.

To become a member of the Ocean Autonomy Cluster, the following requirements are set:

  • The company must pursue innovation, research, and/or development of autonomous technologies, systems, and/or solutions.
  • The company must have a strategic focus area that falls within the Ocean Autonomy Cluster’s strategy and objectives.
  • All companies that apply for membership in the Ocean Autonomy Cluster must meet with the cluster management as part of the application process.
  • The final decision on membership is made by the Ocean Autonomy Cluster’s steering committee.

Membership fee

Membership in the Ocean Autonomy Cluster requires a membership fee to be paid. The size of the fee is based on the size of the company. Equally, there are a minimum amount of contributing hours required for each member. 

The members’ contributing hours are non-billable time spent in projects in the cluster, e.g. attending workshops, events, meetings, or other participation in projects run by the cluster.

Number of employees Membership category Membership fee 2022 Minimum contributing hours
More than 100 1 40.000 NOK 40
51-100 2 30.000 NOK 30
21-50 3 20.000 NOK 20
6-20 4 10.000 NOK 15
1-5 5 5.000 NOK 10
Startups  (3> years since registration)
6 0 NOK 10

Join us!

To apply for membership in The Ocean Autonomy Cluster, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out this form (redirect to Microsoft Forms), containing:
    • The legal name of the company
    • Membership contact information (Name, e-mail, and phone)
    • MVA/VAT number
    • Short description of the company’s relevance to ocean autonomy
  2. You will receive the cluster’s Articles of Association to be signed digitally.
  3. All applications will be reviewed by the cluster steering committee.
  4. All applicants will be contacted soon after with the steering committee’s decision.