Webinar: Underwater test sites and Impossible Sensing



15:30 (CET)

We are pleased to invite members and friends to this international and exciting webinar on upcoming test sites and cutting-edge technology!


OceanLab, with support from the Norwegian Research Council, SINTEF and NTNU, are establishing the full scale OceanLab laboratories in Mid-Norway to meet requirements for education, research and innovation in the marine and maritime sectors. The first nodes in this infrastructure will be available for collaborating partners from academia, research organizations and/or industry in 2023.

The OceanLab infrastructure will be an integrated part of the future Ocean Space Centre when the centre is finished: https://www.ntnu.edu/oceanlab

Ocean Technology Campus Rostock: The large-scale project “Ocean Technology Campus” (OTC) will turn the Hanseatic city of Rostock, Germany into a leading location for technological underwater research with a versatile testing area off the coast.

At the core of the project is the “Digital Ocean Lab”, an undersea site for testing ideas and simulations under controlled conditions in a real-world environment. On land, the OTC will maintain a bridgehead where researchers from the various project partners will work together: https://www.igd.fraunhofer.de/en/projects/ocean-technology-campus-rostock

Impossible Sensing are developing next-generation optical sensing applications for deployment and operation in the most extreme terrestrial and extraterrestrial environments. Impossible’s disruptive technology consists of components built around proven, NASA-funded breakthroughs that they develop and put together in novel sensor architectures that offer attributes never before available:


  • 5 min Welcome and short introduction by Ocean Autonomy Cluster
  • 20 min Introduction to AUR lab/Ocean Lab by Martin Ludvigsen
  • 20 min Introduction to Ocean Technology Campus Rostock by Robert Wagner
  • 20 min Presentation of Impossible Sensing by Pablo Sobron
  • 15 min Questions and dialogue