NTNU Ocean Week at Brattørkaia and Rockheim


12.00 - 16.00

Brattørkaia & Rockheim

8 – 12 million tons of plastic enter the oceans every year. That is one truckload of plastic per minute. Ocean technology help us collect environmental waste and oil spills more effectively, and many of the new solutions are being developed right here in Trondheim.

Join us for a day filled with revolutionary technologies and free demos of how we easily can detect and collect environmental waste in the future. Following the demos in the Norwegian spring weather, we invite you inside to a warmer atmosphere at Rockheim, for inspiring speeches from some of our most innovative companies in the ocean cleantech.


from 12:00 to 14:00 | Ticket: Free | Brattørkaiasee map

  • Electrict autonomous passenger ferry | NTNU Milliampere
  • Eely, subsea intervention technology | NTNU AUR LAB, Eelume
  • OceanLab Observatory (OLO) – Boat available for VIP transfer to OLO by Munkholmen – | Sintef Ocean
  • Advanced infrastructure for research and development in autonomous maritime systems | NTNU Shore Control Lab
  • Unmanned Surface Vehicle | Maritime Robotics
  • Cleaning Drone – in collaboration with Maritime Robotics | Clean Sea Solutions
  • Services in the splash zone using robots and advanced rig operations | Ocean Tech
  • Port Bin garbage collector | Spill Tech
  • Natural Seabed Project – a crane collecting waste subsea | eSea Marine


from 14:00 – 16:00 | Ticket: NOK 325,– | Rockheimsee map

  • Kristin Collier Valle | NORBIT Aptomar
  • Andy Booth | SINTEF
  • Taran Henriksen | NORCE
  • Trygve Olav Fossum | Skarv Technologies
  • Gulleik Olsen | Clean Sea Solution
  • Bård Haug | SpillTech
  • Aleksander Bøy Sandøy / Frank Ellingsen | eSea Marine

This program is a joint event between Ocean Technology Cluster and NOSCA Clean Oceans, in collaboration with NTNU Ocean Week.