The Ocean Autonomy Cluster is Norway’s leading hub for expertise on ocean autonomy. Consisting of  both companies and R&D institutions, the cluster combines research and technological development, suppliers of technology, components and systems, as well as forward-leaning investors. Through cooperation, the cluster’s participants pursue safer, more efficient and precise operations at sea, contributing to a more sustainable use of the world’s oceans.

Norway has a proud history of innovations and achievements at sea and has been a major player on the world’s oceans for more than 200 years. Today, Norway is the global center for innovation and development of autonomous ocean technologies and solutions. Cutting-edge research, innovative companies and a rapidly growing marked for autonomous solutions, all provide unique business opportunities for applications in the ocean space.

The Ocean Autonomy Cluster seeks to utilize these opportunities through combining the experience from Norway’s maritime and offshore industry, developers, suppliers and award-winning R&D institutions. The main goal of the Ocean Autonomy Cluster is to strengthen Norway’s global leadership role in the development and commercialization of future autonomous ocean technologies and solutions.

Autonomy is still in its early stages of development. New laws and regulations will emerge, with testing, verification and commercialization of different technologies and systems becoming even more crucial.

The Ocean Autonomy Cluster

  • Combines partners from the entire chain of value to ease the development process and strengthen commercialization and export of autonomous systems and technologies.
  • Aims to support the establishment of more spin-outs and entrepreneurs through the exchange of ideas and knowhow, and by simplifying and improving the access to test and demo infrastructure.

The Ocean Autonomy Cluster’s center of gravity is the Trøndelag region. The cluster is based in Trondheim, Norway’s technology capital and home to several of the world’s leading autonomy companies. In 2016, the Trondheim Fjord (Trondheimsfjorden) became the world’s first test site for autonomous ocean vessels.

The Ocean Autonomy Cluster is a part of the Norwegian Innovation Clusters program. The cluster program aims to trigger and strengthen collaboration in regional business clusters, make clusters more dynamic and attractive, and make the enterprises more innovative and competitive.